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Check-out Fancy Rakhi (s) July-22-2012
Check-out Fancy Rakhi (s) in Rakhi Making Section Happy Rakshabandhan !!
Heart touching and an eye opener truth - MUST watch Episode 2 of Aamir's Satyamev Jayate May-13-2012
Dear Parents, MUST watch episode of Aamir's Satyamev Jayate...visit -
AAfforestation in a Paradise - A Lovely Creation by Rushali Saxena 10th Std May-13-2012
Afforestation in a Paradise   On that spot of land Once there was green foliage Now it’s reduced to dreary sand The foliage is lost like wreckage. I can remember the c
Amazing Poetry April-1-2012
The malicious zero This is about the creepy night Where to help me no one was in sight My books lay around all open My brain all heated up as if in an oven My Geograp
New Attractions!!! April-1-2012
New Attractions!!!, don't miss to checkout sections - Lovely Flowers, Let Me Decorate, Paper Folders, Recyclic Waste, Funny Bookmark, Play with Clay, Fabric Work,....
Check-out exciting colouring pages March-25-2012
Kids check-out exciting colouring pages in Printable section....N joy
Hurry Up!!! Parents. Registration for Summer Camp opened (at Koyambedu, Chennai, India) February-19-2012
Dear parents, Summer season is coming and so are holidays. Why not this summer kids can do something creative, innovative and fun to do activities? This exclusive summer camp (Click to Registe
Joy of Uselessness February-18-2012
Joy of Uselessness   Today’s competitive world has taken out the joy of living. Kids are loaded with too many books and have little time for fun. Parents also teach their child
Nature and Art February-18-2012
Nature, man’s most faithful servant was created by god. Making the bountiful nature was an art. Implementing ideas and making it perfect was craft. As everyone is creation of god, the spi
Enrich Knowledge February-9-2012
God made man with desire of power. The greatest power which anyone can possess is knowledge.
It is evident that everyone has thirst for knowledge. A newly hatched birdling has a desire to get

Art and Craft for Kids




Welcome to Kids Creativity and Innovation Centre for Art and Craft. Kids love being creative and at this stage of critical age what they need is a perfect learning platform where they can create, innovate, learn and have fun. Parents need not to worry any more and this unique centre is an exclusive Art and Craft learning platform focussed on inspirational, creative, innovative and fun to do activities.

The simple Art and Craft projects is full of learnings, easy steps/instructions and deals with high degree of creativity in making items like cards, gift wrap and tags, paper carry bags, candy bags, envelopes, paper plate decoration, key rings, pebble weights, masks like Harry Potter, Chota Bheem, Doraemon, clay pot paining, glass painting, fun with felt work, tile painting etc.

Kids can start creating from a really young age, first by observing parents or siblings and gradually more and more until they have the satisfaction of producing something all by themselves. Once they gain confidence by making something!!! tehey are ready to adapt to create and innovate their own wonderful things. This centre also cater parents interests on projects, themes and provides ideas to implement. We also have unique collection of free online games 'Game Cafe' where kids can enjoy the games.

Have fun and enjoy the unique Art and Craft centre.